Nationwide Waste Services

Consolidated Waste Billing

Significant Savings in Trash Removal – BPM can add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line. While the average savings for our customers is 15%, we have saved many over 50% on their total waste cost!

No Cost, No Obligation Proposals – We simply analyze your current waste service, for each region or individual location/project, and provide you with a proposal. You literally have nothing to lose!

Effortless Transition – The process for us to manage your waste stream is quick and easy. Just provide us with the locations you want to be serviced, with a copy of the current contract and the most recent invoices, and we will have you set up in less than 48 hours. It’s as easy as calling your accounts payable department and asking them to submit to us at least one of the following: current contract, and/or recent invoices from locations/projects you want service. That’s it!

Dedicated Account Rep – You will have a direct line of communication with a single point of contact to handle the ongoing management of your waste and recycling. Our reps communicate in whatever medium you prefer (call, text, email). We remove the hassle of having multiple points of contacts for multiple locations, with different price structures, multiple invoice formats, and billing cycles, on multiple dumpsters.

Passionate Customer Service – An actual person is dedicated to all your locations. Our team answers the phone! If for some reason you can’t get a hold of your account rep we have a toll free number to call and 24-hour access. The bloodline of our business is service, we try our best, every day, to go the extra mile for our customers!

National Presence – BPM has a national presence and can service any business type from a single location to Fortune 500 in just about every region in the US. If your business produces waste we can serve you!

Consolidated Waste Billing: 1 Invoice – 1 Check- We manage every aspect of your waste and recycling stream. You get one bill, cut one check. This saves you the logistical and administrative headache of sourcing and managing the waste collection process for each and every one of your locations. You focus on your core business while we focus on what we do best; managing every aspect of your waste removal by delivering optimal service levels and competitive pricing for EVERY one of your locations.

Right-Sizing Containers and Collection Frequency – We provide you with the appropriate level of service for every location and project by eliminating unnecessary or oversized dumpsters and/or adjusting pick-up frequency.

Sustainability Initiatives – We can customize a plan to properly manage your organization’s waste stream, and meet your environmental goals while minimizing your carbon footprint.  Wherever possible we will recycle to cut costs and increase savings. No matter what industry you are in BPM Services can implement the right recycling program to meet your needs.