Common Liquid Waste Disposal Methods

In certain regions, up to 20% of facilities lack access to proper liquid waste disposal. While this number has seen improvement, with the industry growing by nearly 2% annually, addressing liquid waste remains a critical challenge. 

At BPM Services, we recognize the significance of proper liquid waste management and employ various techniques to ensure responsible disposal.

Types of Liquid Waste

Liquid waste encompasses diverse materials that require careful handling to prevent contamination. From sanitary waste, including human and animal waste, to storm sewage and industrial sewage rich in chemicals, each type demands specific disposal methods.

Liquid Waste Disposal Techniques

BPM Services employs several effective liquid waste disposal techniques:

Dewatering: Removing liquid waste to compact the remaining solid matter, facilitating safer disposal.

Sedimentation: Slowing water flow to filter out suspended particles, creating manageable sludge for disposal.

Solidification: Using chemicals to turn wastewater into solid blocks for easier, safer disposal.

Incineration: Employing heat to destroy or separate non-water waste, although used selectively due to environmental concerns.

Composting: A green strategy for certain liquid wastes, involving the reduction of water and the addition of microorganisms to create organic fertilizer.

Disposal: Placing liquid waste into designated barrels or bins, transported to approved dump areas—a simple yet compliant method.

Why Professional Liquid Waste Disposal Matters

Beyond environmental protection, proper liquid waste disposal is crucial for business sustainability. The potential damage from allowing harmful substances into the environment can impact profitability and reputation. BPM Services offers a cost-effective solution, handling removal, transportation, and disposal of liquid waste for businesses and events.

Connect with BPM Services

For tailored liquid waste disposal solutions, BPM Services is here to assist. Whether you’re managing a business or organizing an event, our professional waste management services ensure compliance with regulations and environmental responsibility. Contact us for more information, and let BPM Services take care of your liquid waste disposal needs.

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