Waste Disposal

In the realm of business operations, waste management is a constant necessity. While hazardous waste often takes the spotlight, the majority of generated waste is non-hazardous. At BPM Services, we recognize the importance of non-hazardous waste disposal for businesses throughout the United States.

Non-Hazardous Waste

Non-hazardous waste encompasses a diverse range of substances that pose no harm to people or animals. While it lacks the health risks associated with hazardous waste, proper disposal is essential and subject to strict regulations. Examples include truck wash, anaerobic digester water, brine, used non-hazardous chemicals, and refinery sludge. The EPA, along with local and state regulations, defines what qualifies as non-hazardous.

Efficient Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

Disposing of non-hazardous waste involves the removal of industrial waste that can’t be simply tossed in a dumpster or flushed down the drain. BPM Services provides comprehensive solutions to make the disposal of non-hazardous waste efficient and cost-effective.

Ensuring Compliance

Despite the perception that non-hazardous waste is easier to manage, regulations and fines still apply if not disposed of correctly. BPM Services ensures proper disposal, taking the complexity out of the process and avoiding potential penalties.

Your Non-Hazardous Waste Partner

Whether it’s truck wash runoff or used chemicals, BPM Services is your partner in efficient and compliant non-hazardous waste disposal. Contact us to discuss your waste management needs and experience a seamless disposal process.

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